Allegation to Nintendo: Fired employees to prevent union

Nintendo of America is currently facing the accusation of having dismissed an employee, as he supported the organization of employees among other things. While we have been confronted in the past with questionable working conditions in companies such as Sony, Activision Blizzard, From Software or Ubisoft, is now a reproach to the American outpost of the company behind Mario, Zelda, Kirby and Co. part of the lawsuit Not only Nintendo of America in itself, but also to the staff negotiation agency Aston Carter.

What is part of the lawsuit?

Nintendo is supposed to have allegedly monitored employees and have mediated the impression of this monitoring in terms of unions. By and large, Nintendo is intended to have potential discourses about topics such as salary or organizations in the style of a union with each other by such and other methods. In order to avoid the continuation of such discourses among employees, the plaintiff staff should have been fired for example.

Nintendo Has Responded to a Complaint Filed Against Them With the National Labor Relations Board
This had probably discussed topics such as salaries or other conditions of work open, as well as supported the idea of a union. Should the described allegations be the truth, then one could argue that Nintendo of America has disregarded the “ National Labor Relations Act “. This is intended to secure the protection of employees in such discourses. It is interesting that, as a result, further votes were loud, which confirmed this work experience and expanded on Nintendo International.

How has Nintendo expressed?

Nintendo has already commented against polygon to this action: “We are aware of the allegations to the National Labor Relations Board by the contractor, which was terminated due to the disclosure of confidential information. Nintendo are no attempts to establish a union or similar organizations and plans to cooperate for the investigation with the NLRB. Nintendo is fully committed to designing a loaded and supportive working environment for all employees and contractors. We take this topic very seriously.

Discussions about working conditions and unions are not new in 2022 in the video game industry. Especially the subject of trade unions was only last September in the limelight, as Activision Blizzard was sued for the test of the suppression of such organizations. Currently, the desire of the employees and workers is growing after improving working conditions and accordingly, according to forms of the organization. It remains to be seen how both these circumstances, as well as the lawsuit around Nintendo of America and Aston Carter will develop.

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