Physical operation action “Teardown” officially released to be destroyed by all things

Developer Tuxedo Labs released a formal version of Voxel-based destruction game “ Teardown “, which was developing early access from October 2020.

This work features a fully destructible interactive environment, and it is possible to destroy anyone who blocks the player’s going hand. In the campaign mode, as an owner of the dismantling contractor who struggles to feed the family, it is possible to make a suspicious work from a vice client, making a work full of tools, cars and explosives. Also, in sandbox mode, you can disrupt destruction with unlimited tools and resources.

Version 1.0 is an extension of the campaign, adding new tools and maps, and adding campaigns, and MOD functions are being added, and each map has a hidden area or secret. Other features are as follows.

  • A single player experience of first person in a 100% destroyable voxel environment.

  • Physics based gameplay that expresses the realistic effect of objects, chips, vehicles, water, fire, smoke.

  • 40 missions and escalating stories, campaigns including interesting characters galleries.

  • Seisful sound design with advanced voxel graphics.

  • An experimental game mode and a new challenge unlocked according to the player’s progress.

  • 17 tools are prepared from hammer, torch, digestive instrument to guns and explosives.

  • Players can freely experience the world, and unlimited resources and tools, sandbox mode that causes destruction using vehicles.

Using Real Life Physics To DESTROY Minecraft | Teardown
* STEAM WORKSHOP integration with extensive MOD support.

The official version of “TEARDOWN” that has already acquired more than 3,6000 well-received, and has already achieved 1 million sales, and STEAM is being distributed to 2,199 yen for Windows.

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