Dragon VS Pirate Ship Action “PIRATE DRAGONS” announced. Running the sky Cross the sea, a fleet and flame radiation battle

Developer’s SupersixStudios announced the 3D action game “ PIRATE DRAGONS ” on April 16th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam), and according to the store description, it seems to be scheduled for premature access delivery 2023.

“PIRATE DRAGONS” is the action RPG of the third person viewpoint. The world of this work is expressed in the open world, and a large number of ships are navigated in the sea. The islands float, and a trade route is established, and the pirates are also 跋扈. Such a player manipulates one dragon and gets out of the adventure.

The dragon can be leveled up by fighting with surrounding ships and other dragons, wibers and so on. You can learn various breaths. There are 5 types of breath. First of all, it is possible to emit flames. If you fire the enemy’s hull, you can do damage efficiently and you can ignite the sail of the ship, cut the mobility and separate the crew from the cannon.

Pirate Dragons – High Flying Action on the High Seas - Trailer
Also, the dragon can also exhale the acid. Acid causes damage to the vessel cannon and produces a green mist that reduces the velocity of the crew. It is effective for large ships with a large number of cannons and equipped with powerful crew members. By enhancing the acid breath, the debuffs will further affect. In addition, dragons can also exhale freezing breath. By picking the sea, she can interfere with ship navigation and interferes with cannons.

The dragon can also eject water breath. This can extinguish the fire on the side of the side of the side. In addition, by wetting the ship in advance, it is also possible to use resistance to ignition. And finally, the dragon can also use natural (Nature) breath. Natural breath lies with tuler plants and leaves. By doing this, it is possible to recover the damaged searchable ship.

In addition to fostering a dragon, the player can form its own fleet. Some of these shipping power of ships, other factors, or facts other factions. The ship can also upgrade. Hiring more excellent seafarers, sails, cannons, ships, etc. will be newly advanced to the sea battle. Also, the player can belong to the faction. It is also possible to engage in trade as a merchant or troubles the sea as a pirate. The economy of this work changes depending on the action of the player. Also, there seems to be a system to receive quests and missions.

Supersixstudios, who works on the development of this work, is a studio launched in 2014 by Developer’s Jonathan Hanna. As a past work, the simulation game “HammerHelm” encouraging to create a town as a dwarf is officially released in 2021 through an early access delivery period for about four years. We have acquired “very popular” status from over 200 STEAM strings. “Pirate Dragons” seems to challenge the open world game as a challenge for studio second work.

In addition, this work is expected to be an early access delivery period for about half a year. As the content at the start of delivery, the entire map has been implemented, as well as factions and combat elements and many core elements are included. While incorporating community feedback during early access delivery, we plan to add additional content and customization elements and stories. Also, after the early access is completed, the price may increase.

“PIRATE DRAGONS” is scheduled to be released 2023 for PC at STeam.

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