RB-Coach Tedesco: Width squad also have disadvantages

The Europa League final beckons, the cup final can be booked on Wednesday and the Champions League is tangible.

Even before the possible first title of club history, coach Domenico Tedesco has earned an unofficial award at RB Leipzig. Namely the Rotation Master. Game for game If the coach throws the complete start-up – without the quality or mood sink. So Tedesco hurries with RB of victory to victory – and maybe soon to the first trophy.

“We are happy that our squad gives that,” Tedesco said after 1-0 at Bayer Leverkusen, before whom he had three field players in the team. But the 36-year-old also let out that it is not easy to keep the ambitious and sensitive stars in a mood, although they are almost all part-time workers in the hot season weeks. “It is important to communicate the players that,” he said, “Width squad are beautiful. But they can certainly assume that that is completely, a lot of work for a staff. It already has disadvantages. But it already has disadvantages Fits. “

RB series stops

Fully evident. Because in Leverkusen, RB remained unbeaten in the 14th mandatory game in a row and conquered as the best Round Round Team Rank three of the Werkself. “No matter who starts, we always have a strong bank,” said goalkeeper Peter Gulácsi, who never rausroted out as one of the few: “We can always refill.” In the top game that was only on the paper one, the Christopher Nkunku, which has been playing in top form, has even received a breather. The Frenchman came to the break and prepared the winner of Dominik Szoboszlai.

And on the current success wave, multiplayer Gulácsi does not feel the dance on three weddings as a stress. “That’s very nice,” said the Hungarian, “We never had that we are there in such a late phase of the season in all competitions. As a footballer, there is nothing more beautiful. It is very exhausting, all three Days to play. But then there is enough break and we look forward to the tasks. “

And so minutes after the final whistle from Sunday the look was addressed again on Wednesday when Union Berlin comes to the semifinals in the DFB Cup to Leipzig. “Wednesday is already a topic,” Tedesco said still on the field: “But we have changed a lot. That’s why I believe that we will have the physical and mental freshness.”

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Impressive Tedesco balance

And how well the coach, who gained from 22 competitive games 15 and only two lost the application distribution psychologically, shows the example of Szoboszlai. He had a conversation with the coach a month ago because he was dissatisfied with his commitments. Now he met in the second league game in a row. “If you want to get titles, you have to stay focused,” said the 21-year-old Hungarian.

If RB reaches both finals, nine important games in 31 days. “But if you’re in the flow, it just fun is fun,” said Gulácsi: “And we absolutely want to keep that.”

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