Elden Ring: This eliminated mission disappoints Fans of the LORE from Software

Although Elden Ring still has many secrets to reveal ourselves in its final version, you may have had even more during your relanzing. Unfortunately for us, Some functions were removed before the official launch of the game , some of them without apparent reason. Will they reappear in future patches or DLC? That is what many expect.

Today, let’s look at a game mechanics that is not available in its final version: The fog of dreams .

a canceled mission

This discovery comes from the YouTuber Lance McDonald whose specialty is precisely exploring the previous versions of the games to discover everything that did not happen in the final version. On April 11 he published a video about Elden Ring , or at least about the version of the game he had served to perform the latest network tests in November 2021. So he could explore intermediate lands a little different from ours And he has discovered a mission that we can not carry out.

When going through the stormy veil cottage , shortly before the castle of the same name, you must have encountered Roderika . YouTube was surprised to discover an unknown NPC instead of the young woman. The latter told him that he was able to do a worthy potion of the demigods and forbidden for humans, and that he was willing to share it with the player if he brought him the necessary ingredients.

What was the dream mist used?

To complete this mission, you must collect the sleep fog , an object that can be obtained from any sleeping character (human, animals and even monsters). As you have noticed while you play, some NPC never wake up regardless of what you do around. Originally they were designed specifically for this mission and remained in the final version of the game despite the fact that said characteristic was eliminated.

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Once the ingredients are in your power and are returned to the sponsor, the mission ends and you get the famous potion. The latter can be offered to other NPCs in the game that then fall asleep and allow you to see your dreams , something that serves to learn more about them and the story of Elden Ring. A very interesting mechanism for Lore fans, so it’s a pity that we can finally not enjoy it!

With the video gaining popularity quickly, maybe from Software Agrees to put this mission again in a future update if the community shows enough interest. If you were in possession of the brew of the demigods, about what NPC would you like to see your dreams and nightmares?

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