“Its really me” tags, the back story of the game industry. An episode that no one knows everyone who knows

Hashtag is popular with “# of the Reality,” at the domestic Twitter. In the same tag, although everyone knows, an event that was not very well known for its origin. A boom is winding that the author and the birthplace have raised the name. Anime Name The scene original image and popular toy designers, etc. gather and have a hashtag that can hear valuable back stories. Somehow, various persons gather from the game industry. The origin of the unexpected topic is collected.

Former Gainax’s Tama-san, Tamota Junjo, has released his work done by the “Dragon Quest” series. He reveals that Lotto’s cracks and sky rabbit, the shield of the sky is designed. As the history, a sword motif is selected as a new product of the main product “1/1 soft vyepurica kit series” in General Products before merged with Guinax, and the lot of “Dragon Quest” will be produced rice field. At that time, no official design has been present, and Mr. Tamaya collected and drew materials. When I brought the design to Enix, I was worried about it, and it was likely to order a series of item designs of “Dragon Quest” official at the same time as commercialization.

Subsequent posts are tweets by Shintaro Kojima of former Capcom. He has been involved from the first work in the “Monster Hunter” series, “Monster Hunter Cross” and “Monster Hunter Double Cross” are the main producer. Mr. Kojima revealed that “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd” and “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G”. The instructor of the training center appearing on both works was that Mr. Kojima was in charge of the voice. Speaking of instructors, a person who will be indebted many times with a defeat practice quest of monsters. There will be many people who remain in the hearing of the voice of “Yoshi!”

According to Mr. Kojima, Voices such as Hunter NPC will carry out auditions within the “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G”. He used the voice of the adopted person. Mr. Kojima was also adopted by the voice of the man hunter. Mr. Ogura is in charge of voice actor, such as “Monster Hunter 4G”. By the way, the voice of the Capcom-in-house staff was in charge of the voice of the familiar “good burner”. Besides this, Mr. Yuko Omayama of the worker also has a name as the voice of the female hunter at “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd” and “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G”.

This is the back story that is now lonely among the game fans. In 1996, an arcade game “Skud Race” based on Sega from the BPR GT championship was released. And it is a game magazine gate Mist issued from a new voice that has published an article that specialized in the same work. The same question of the “Skard Race” article was published at the 193 (April 30, 1997). It was a mysterious caption called “Koi ~ !! Bump ~ !! Here, the accelerator fully open, to the right of Indians!”

The phrase “to the right of Indians” was originally a point that should be referred to as “the handle to the right”. However, because it was submitted without calibration of the handwritten manuscript that is hard to read, “handle” is misplace to “Indian” and is constrected. It seems that it has been published without the time to calibrate as it is. Twitter reveals the end of Fumitang, who was in charge of screen photography at that time. In addition, PIRO, who modeled the viper reflected in the corresponding picture, also raises the name, and the parties are gathered like the reunion.

This is a post by Mr. Miyao Miya, Miyao, a cartoonist. It is an image of a valuable “Super Mario” retro goods. However, looking closely, you will notice a sense of discomfort. Yes, Peach Princess design is different from now. Karl symbolic blonde is straight. Makeup is also finished to a natural impression from the present 1. According to Mr. Miyao, the design image of Peach Princess, which was prepared in the event of a factory when receiving an order for goods, only the illustrations that have been drawn to the dot picture appearing in the game main story and the package of the NES software. Mr. Miyao, who was judged to be lacking in the appeal of girls, was uniquely drawn the design image of Peach and sending a fax to Nintendo and allowed permission. It can be said that the user who has the goods at that time is a taste of taste.

Besides this, Moka CG of 3D designer also raises itself. He worked on the modeling of the Camie of “Street Fighter V”. “Street Fighter V” had an initial report in 2014, and a further trailer was released at E3 in 2015. So one of her first showed her first show is Camy. She appeared here Cammy, her makeup is thin and quite realistic impression. From Japan, she said, “She is not very cute” has been a speech discussion. Therefore, Moka CG seems to have made a modification of the Cammy model. Cammy after her correction is highlighted, and her lips are more likely to change. Changes that incorporated the user’s voice were also a job for those who worked on behalf of Moka CG.

Besides this, “A factor is me” tag, has a variety of unknown episodes from within and outside the industry. If you’re on the past of the secret of the treasured secret, how is it?

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