Microsoft: Trade parts for console software increases by 7% to 2026 according to analysts

A current analysis of the market share for console software shows that Microsoft last year after Sony and Nintendo landed only on third place.

The market share of Sony was 2021 accordingly 43%. Nintendo was 37% behind it and Microsoft with 20% on third place.

Microsoft CSP. Повышение цен и другие изменения в годовых и помесячных подписках
According to a prognosis of the market research company DFC Intelligence, however, the Xbox platform is expected to clear up to ground until 2026, while Sony loses.

The company’s forecast concludes software sales in retail and online with us and states that Microsoft will increase its market share by 7% to 27% by market share. At the same time, both Sony and Nintendo would lose 4%, so market shares there are 39 and 34% there.

DFC Intelligence assumes that Nintendo 2024 will launch a new console. Therefore, the shares would also distribute even more uniform.

Due to delivery bottlenecks, the estimates for video game consoles including hardware were halved. DFC expects growth of 4% compared to the previous year. Console sales in US dollars should be 49 billion this year. Sales in the online business are expected to increase by $ 21 billion.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is considered loser in the current situation. Because, the demand of the PS5 is extremely high, but until the end of the financial year on March 31, 2023, the offer is still very limited. Sony himself recently corrected his forecast to 11.5 million units down.

And according to surveys, the PlayStation 5 is still the preferred console in players. Whereby this could change by the growing range of games in the Xbox library, which were created by studio acquisitions.

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