Chelsea owner Abramovich sells superyacht on the first day of the war

In the course of sanctions against Russian oligarches, more and more details about the possessions of still-chelsea-boss Roman Abramovich come to light. Once again in the focus in this context, a more than 40 million euros expensive superyacht.

The extremely impressive ship fleet of still-chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been increasingly focused on the imposed sanctions against Russian oligarchs. Already known for some time that the billionaire with the “Eclipse” and the “Solaris” mentioned two of the largest and most expensive mega yachts in the world.

In the course of the investigations of the worldwide authorities, at least three other yachts were then assigned to the oligarchs: the 50 meter long “Halo”, the accompanying boat “Garcon” and the also 50 meters long “Sussurro”, which was in the meantime for sale, but The owner has not yet been changed to the owner, according to which abramovich belongs.

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Until a few weeks ago also in possession of the Chelsea Preservation was the 50 meter long superyacht “Aquamarine”. And although the boat was delivered only 2021 and thus the latest in the fleet of the Russian oligarch was, Abramovich has already sold this boat – on February 24, the day of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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New owner of the yacht is the businessman David Davidovich, who confirmed the “Guardian” to be the owner. A connection abramovich’s “aquamarine” wanted the still-chelsea boss and davidovich, who has been close to Abramovich’s close business connections for many years, but not confirm on request of the English newspaper. Affected by the sanctions is not the yacht of his knowledge, said Davidovich.

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