What is farmers dragons in RUNE Factory 5?

There are many unique ways to play RUNE Factory 5. The game is based on both its roots of the farming simulator and on the RPG elements, creating unique areas for your farming. It even includes the ability to grow a crop on the backs of large dragons that you meet during the study.

Unlocking a Second Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5!

Farm Dragons are friendly monsters that you meet as the game passing. Access to them can be obtained by interacting with rope next to your garden and will give you a place to grow crop and content of monsters. There is five farm dragons Total, and you will get Earth Dragon immediately after the victory over the first boss.

How do farming dragons work in RUNE FACTORY 5?

Farm dragons also work as ordinary agricultural land, with one essential difference: you can feed farmers dragons. Crystals help with production. There is 5 Different types of crystals to choose from, and they will make things like improving the quality of the soil and cause rain on the back of the Dragon Farm.

Keep in mind that the crystal effect will not last forever, and you will need to continue to give dragon crystals.

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