Does the Kingdom Hearts 4 take effect in the real world?

Square Enix, the developer and publisher made a shocking step and introduced the following largest part of the Kingdom Hearts series, releaseing Kingdom Hearts 4. The first trailer shows how the sector wakes up in the world, which is similar to our horror. But is it?

The Kingdom Hearts 4 action occurs in a square. , which is based and also called Sibuya. Sibuya – Popular area in Tokyo, Japan. So, although residents of a noisy megalopolis should not expect heartless outside of their stores, they will be able to enjoy the recreation of the ward in the game.

Quadratrum first appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3. Rica dreams of the city, and the Sora is transferred to it at the end of the name. It also appears in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Distance. Little is known about the image of the famous ward in the game, but it seems that this is an exact copy. To see how the forces of the heartless and mighty key blade will face reality, it will be a real spectacle, virtual or not.


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