Carro: I wish Ii Watzke in Exko

A maximum of 70 percent of the revenue may in the future in European competition in the future stuck in their squad in the future, but to compensate for financiers per three years up to 90 million euros on deficit. About these new rules adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee and the step-by-step within the next three years, the Executive Committee varyed with the chairman of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Fernando Carro, which also sits in the Board of Large Club Association ECA.

Mr. Carro, Oliver Kahn speaks of a milestone, at DFL representative Dr. Marc Lenz sounds more like that as if you have prevented the worst. How do you rate the successor control of Financial Fairplay?
UEFA President Aleksander Cefer said rightly, “Why should we limit ourselves? Why should we make sure that no money should flow into soccer?” In this long process I have the German side to represent the limitation – but with an understanding of the other side. As a liberal man, I think we should have fewer rules. Nevertheless, we need them in this case.

Because the competition has led to top players and the financial possibilities of some clubs that the additional revenues have almost completely in player salaries and advisory agencies.

Why did not make a fixed upper limit?

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There was no consensus and it would have been legally difficult to enforceable. And even in the case of an agreement: Where should this limit should have been? 500 million? 600 million? FC Bayern is at approximately 340 million euros in salary bed in the year, Borussia Dortmund at approximately 215, at almost 140 – a limitation to 500 million euros would have used only the Bayern in Germany. As far as the percentage limit is concerned: in the ECA board, many clubs, even from the larger leagues, not 60 or 65 percent, but rather 80 to 85. 70 percent wanted to be a good compromise. And also the subsidy of 20 million euros per year plus another 10 under certain conditions is acceptable.

In the past, there were problems with clubs that have artificially screwed their revenue over moon sponsorships.
UEFA and ECA have to control more effort, and we will soon sanction faster. All clubs and UEFA are called to contribute to functioning and to meet the specially imposed responsibility.

Latest football leak revelations suggest that Manchester City Ex-coach Roberto Mancini did not refer to its salary from the club, but directly from Abu Dhabi. Is not it impossible to recognize such circumventions at “Staatsklubs”?
All have an interest in the fact that costs are kept under control. For this purpose, rules have been created, which is now possible to enforce it with all the consequence.

There was an exchange with a view to the new sustainability rules with Juventus, Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona, which are formally still on the Super League?
No. That will not be better than tomorrow. For this, these clubs with their egoist, almost ignorant advance also destroys too much confidence. Between UEFA and ECA on the one hand and these clubs on the other side it is still difficult. First of all, the FC Barcelona seems to me to come back, which is also located on the change of leadership and at the CVC deal of the Spanish league.

How difficult was it to prevent a complete alliliation of investor subsidies, as it was considered at the beginning?
For a while we thought we did not reach anything. But all German representatives have fought in the bodies or about personal relationships. The DFL, the individual clubs whose responsible persons. The UEFA has made a good job in the process in my view. A compromise is characterized by the fact that no side is fully satisfied in the end. So it is in this case. This is completely normal in view of the immensely different interests.

Will he successor to Dr-Rainer Koch in the UEFA Executive Committee? Hans-Joachim Watzke. Sven Simon / Getty Images / Simon Hofmann

The Italians and French people were still trying to prepare their comparatively high social security duties from the salaries, so as to spend more for players. Do you think that could be shaken again?
At least I do not hope, because it does not be the same for competition equality, but for financial stability of the clubs. We have already lost players to Italian clubs because they have to pay much less.

Peter Peters is now at the highest point as FIFA Council, Dr. Rainer Koch offered his post in the UEFA Executive Committee. Would you like Hans-Joachim Watzke as a cooking successor?
Yes, I wish Ii Watzke in Exko and faith, the chances for this constellation are not bad. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf could be for FIFA, he would then be automatically at the UEFA Exko sessions. That would be a good constellation for German football.

In Germany, 50 + 1 should be back in the focus. Most recently, the DFL clarified the Tartellamt that she holds the three exceptions to Bayer, VfL Wolfsburg and the TSG Hoffenheim for legal compliant. Do you think that the cartel office of this assessment suddenly suddenly connects?
The cartel office has released a preliminary opinion, no less, but no longer. We as clubs know all the details, the DFL too. The facts speak for the currently valid regulation, which is our conviction. On the existing basis you can hardly come to another conclusion.

was discussed in UEFA Exko also about the exclusion of the Russian bandage . Would you be for an exclusion as long as Putin continues to attack Ukraine?
Yes, I am for the hardest form of sanctions.

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