The frequency problems of shocking images of Chrono Cross Remaster result in “worst performances than PS1”

We hoped that Digital Foundry would take a look at Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, because as we explained in our overwhelming criticism of the new remaster PLAYSTATION 4, the performance issues that afflict this reissue are simply not acceptable.

In its last video analysis, Digital Foundry is roughly echoing what we found during the above-mentioned revision process. The frequency of images of the game is usually quite shocking – diving dynamically everywhere at once during exploration and fight. Chrono Cross remains a very good JRPG PS1 – but the fact that it works somehow less well in 1999 is a shame, unable to reach even 30 frames per second most of the time.

CHRONO CROSS (1999) | PS1 4K UHD | Part 1 - FULL GAME【No Commentary】

Tom Morgan Digital Foundry goes to call him “One of the least performing games I have ever seen on PS4”, which is amazing if one considers the fact that it is essentially A ps1 title emulated.

To aggravate things, there is a good amount of stuttering that occurs in addition to the frequency of images already lamentable. These stambs tend to appear during the battle and – again, as mentioned in our journal – can lead to significant delay.

So yes, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is really optimized – and it’s the same story on Nintendo Switch and PC. We keep hope that Square Enix corrects these problems – at least to some extent – but the total lack of communication on the subject does not really inspire confidence. It should also be noted that the remill did not have an update on the first day.

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