Paper Mario: The origami

As soon as you have reached the area of picnic road in Paper Mario: The Origami King, you want to go down the stairs to the right when you get to a shrine you can not enter because it is closed. You will learn this after defeating a shy and talked to the Koopa troops nearby. There you will find out that you need to find the remaining four shell stones to open the gate. These are distributed through the next area, which is known as Overlook Mountain. In this guide you will learn where to find the individual areas.

How to find the four shell stones

While these four shell stones are available in any order, we will comply with the order in which they should encounter them to simplify playback.

The first of them can be found if you see a Monty Mole and three Koopa Troopas on their way around a table. Go up and talk to the Monty Mole to find out that this is an auction for one of the shell stones. He will first say that the auction is for 10,000 coins that you can pay technically. However, we would definitely like him, as they can reduce it to 500 coins instead. Once you do this, you have the Green Shell Stone in your possession.

The nearest shellstone is actually the most difficult to find and it was the last I’ve actually encountered, although he is only a bit further away from the green shellst1. After crossing the bridge, you will see some shocks on an upper platform. You need to look closely from one of the bushes on the left side, which starts to move and that you have to beat your hammer to expose a Goomba. Combed this Goomba here and he brings out a platform on which you can use your 1000-fold weapons.

With the 1000-fold arms, you only have to pull the wall up and down to detect a dry bone behind the wall, the stuffed. With dry bone is the yellow shell stone you needed.

Continue from the last stepish stone to the east to find a dock with a Koopa Troopa. He will tell you that a fish stole his stone and asks them to fish afterwards. Take the fishing rod and Koopa Troopa explains the very simple control here. As soon as you get a bites, a Cheep Cheep comes out and attacks you in the fight, so take it down. Then you will be rewarded with the Blue Shell Stone you get from Koopa Troopa.

Paper Mario The Origami King - Puzzle Solver Unlocked & Red Shell Stone in Overlook Mountain Part 10
Now comes the fourth and last carel stone, who continues a good way towards the end of the region. Walk up the mountain and left until you finally come across the huge Shy Guys, who play with the Red Shell Stone football.

In contrast to the huge Goombas before, where they could make the places on his back to make them vulnerable, these shakern times turn to the place to reach them. Instead, you can beat them once to fall down for a short time. This means that you have to try to make you where you can catch the pass from you and can retrieve the Red Shell Stone.


Paper Mario: The origami king paper Mario: The origami king instructions

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