Elden Ring: Even the richest man in the world does not get enough

Elden Ring has conquered the gaming world in the storm. The Open World RPG can refer to the best ratings and is a worthy successor for Dark Souls. Even the richest person in the world can not put the controller out of hand.

Elon Musk to designate as a thousand sassa would be a lesson. The 50-year-old did not only help with Tesla to break through electromobility, but also wants to settle the Mars with Spacex, developed with Neuralink on a science-fiction-pregnant brain-computer interface – and is also the father of four children.

The fact that Musk has time for video games at all its different tasks would be worth a message. But more interesting is where the game of the native South Africans can not put the controller out of their hands.

Elon Musk currently plays Elden Ring the most

On Twitter, the Tesla boss has now been favorite game: Elden Ring .

That does not surprise, after all, the Open World RPG has recently come out and was showered with praise. At Open World, the Dark Souls successor received the excellent rating of 9.5 / 10. “Already my game of the year 2022. Elden Ring shows how well Dark Souls works in an open game world,” says colleague Christopher Bahner in his test. It is apparently too enthusiastic about Elon Musk, which highlights the kind of style and the storytelling in his tweet .

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_The largest projects from Elon Musk: _

Tesla founder could become the first trillionary of history

Who believes now, the time before the screen would have negative effects on Musks business, but mistakes huge. Elon Musk is currently not only the richest person in the world and has overtaken Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – he is even on the way to become the first trillionaire in history. This is a number with 12 zeros! According to forecasts, the Tesla Boss should crack this brand in spring 2024.

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