Guild Wars 2: Changes for Returning Season 1 announced

If you did not play Guild Wars 2 in 2013, who have been escaped some story content that can not be found anymore in the game. This so-called first season of the lively world was part of a constantly changing game world – not like the modern seasons of the living world, which are composed of repeatable instances and new areas. Of course, this is stupid for those who entered in 2013. They say characters like Braham, Rox, Scarlet & Co. only little because their corresponding missions are no longer in the game. The new roadmap for the year 2022 has revealed the return of the living world.

Changes to the first season of the living world in GW2

On April 19, 2022, in the form of the episode “flame and frost”, we get access to the beginning of the history around the fiery alliance of flame legion and stingers. The developers have now explained what they change everything when returning this content. So the whole will have a linear character with a fixed order of instances (then content could be addressed independently).

Guild Wars 2 4th Expansion REVEALED, Bringing Back Season 1 AND Update Schedules?!

The “storytelling standard” of Arenanet has also changed. The developers say: “So we used this opportunity to revise part of the older texts and Episode 1 to expand a few background books to meet our current standards and demands on the characterization.” (Via Arenanet)

On top of that, the update from 19 April will also bring the first challenge mode for the strikes in End of Dragons. The ether blade shelter thus becomes more difficult as the first attack mission. Are you looking forward to this challenge mode or the return of the living world? Write us in the comments!

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