What to do during Beach Day in RUNE Factory 5

RUNE FACTORY 5 is a big game in which you have many different actions. It may not always be obvious, on what every holiday will focus or what you should do during it. Beach day is a fun event that happens annually and to which you do not need to be prepared in advance.

The beach day is just a day when the townspeople go to the beach, and this happens on the first day of summer . There are no complicated culinary competitions or strange mini-games in which the prizes can be won. It’s just lazy day on the beach. Plus, everyone is easy to find, talk to them and give them gifts.

It's Beach Day in Rune Factory 5! ????????
Here you can see swimsuits your favorite characters, and if you ask them Adventure With you, they will wear bathing suits until the end of the day, exploring the dungeons. In many ways it is a beach episode anime. It should be a relaxing day when you are just Enjoy the design of the characters of the game .

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