KBO2022 Baseball games on the opening. Netmarble vs Com2us

The KBO2022 league is the popularity of baseball games. The gaze of baseball fans has been a popularity of some baseball games, while the gaze of the fans is in the game.

Netmarble Pro Baseball, which emphasized reality of the baseball game released this year, and Com2us Pro Baseball V22 was the popularity of baseball fans immediately after its release.

According to the 7th game industry, netmarble and Com2us showed a new baseball game in accordance with the opening of the KBO2022 league.

First, Netmarble has launched 2022 Mobile Baseball Game Netmarble Pro Baseball game last month.

Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022 is summarized as a new real baseball game with netmarble and parks. The external and specific figs of the actual players and the stadium of the ten clubs were implemented in a daily graphic.

In addition, this game can create and grow ‘my players’, “Career mode, free horizontal and vertical screen switching, a player card that reflects real records, a baseball card with professional baseball core scene am.

Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022 has been ranked No. 1 for the first place in Apple App Store with only the dictionary download that started on the 29th of last month. In particular, it is evaluated that it has proven to be the second place after the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in two days.

The sales indicator of this game is also seeing the last. Google Sales Standards last day 271, 2 days, 105th, 73st, 3rd days, 58th, 58th, 48th, 48th, 6 days 41st. Apple sales had a name at 36th on the 6th.

Com2022 The Com2022, which was released on the 5th, and the V22 of the Baseball Fans was also popping up for a short period of time.

Com2us Pro Baseball V22 is an amoritous, 20-year-old development know-how of Com2us, and it is a new job to a casual game cast aimed at MZ generations to overwhelming lively and overwhelming livelihood.

This game is characterized by a 3D head scan, which has been targeting 379 KBO 10 clubs and achieved achievements through two-year motion capture, and a level of expressing the stadium and athlete is more than 4 times higher than that of the existing.

Com2us Pro Baseball V22 introduces a new engine to implement realistic sense of real baseball games. Depending on the pitch of the pitch, the rotation direction, and the blowing of the blow, the other movement, such as a variety of movement, such as a variety of movements such as a variety of movements,

In the case of this game, I recorded the first place for Apple as a dictionary download only on the past 4 days,

In the industry, we have also expected the fierce top competition of netmarable professional baseball 2022 and Com2ubler baseball V22 for the time being. Because it pursues the same real baseball.

The watchpoints can be able to succeed in entering the top of sales first on both games. Baseball games are likely to be able to get a box office if they are in the 20th place in Google Sales, as they are in a flat rate that the billing structure is weak compared to MMO genres.

Netmarble Pro-Baseball 2022 Gameplay || ×× who won? ????!!

Individual officials said, “Baseball games are a few notes that are noticed to KBO issues every year. Baseball fans also choose baseball games to wish to win the team of the team they cheer “This year, Netmarble and Com2us are attracting attention by taking out the new work that expressed real baseball, not the season update of existing baseball games. The competition of the two games can last to KBO closing.”

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