Gameplay to the Sims 5? Fans find it too nice to be true

Of course, the SIMS 5 is already in development. Of real gameplay videos, we are still far away. A video makes the fans still speculate whether the successor could look like the Sims 4. Your verdict is very depressing.

Construction mode from the Sims 5?

In subreddit to the Sims a video has emerged, which asks in the heading the question: Construction mode to the Sims 5 Jellakt?

In the video, a player sets up his gaming room. The used engine is the Unreal Engine 5, which has already provided impressive images in your Tech demo.

Originally the video appeared in the subreddit of the Unreal Engine and also makes it clear that it is not gameplay to the SIMS 5, but about the game of an indie developer .

Check out the furnishing options once in this video :

Reddit fans find it too nice to be true

With the Sims 5 Maxis and EA will certainly lift the series on a new level and the Unreal Engine 5 could definitely conjure up excellent life simulation with its impressive possibilities. But the fans on reddit trust the successor of the Sims 4 such a result as in the video just not too.

They joke over all the problems that the current offshoot still owns and keep such a easy-to-use construction mode by Maxis simply impossible.

Reddit User Sandzy92, for example, jokes:

_ “Liquid and not enough difficulties with the grid pattern. As much as I wish that as the truth, the reality strikes us in the face that the Sims team still has not got out how to place a staircase diagonally. “_

Another answer from Bunnyut makes the illusion of a gameplay video from the SIMS 5 burst by writing:

_ “Every hope that it lands in a real SIMS Game has been destroyed with the opening and closing of the curtains. That will never happen. “_

Other also realize that it could be the Sims competitors Paralives , which has been in development for quite some time:

Reddit users KnightfenRis also criticizes the DLC policy of EA by saying:

New Tomb Raider Game Developed on Unreal Engine 5 Announced - IGN Daily Fix

_ “This room requires expansion packages worth 1900 US dollars.” _

The indie developer of the outlined games also speaks again and says that he wants to make a relaxing furnishing game . The release period for this is attached to the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023. Anyone who wants to pursue the project and wants to live out his boldest construction dreams can do this on the discord of the developer.

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