“FTL” style space rogue strategy “Try Gon: Story of the Universe” Delivery date determination!

Developer Sernur.Tech is an Universe Rogue Like Strategy inspired by “FTL: FASTER THAN LIGHT” “ TRY GON: Space Story ( TrIgon: Space Story ) ‘Local Time October I announced that I decided on the 28th.

In this work, we will conduct command as a copten of a spacecraft and deal with quests and sudden events and tactical space battle while traveling a galaxy. Procedure is produced and adventure at a dynamic event is different every time, and it is a game that can be enjoyed again and again.

  • Rogue Like Indie Games on SCI-Fi

  • Tactical space battle with clogged action

  • Thrilling full-scale single player style campaign

Battling space pirates Between The Stars demo gameplay
* A spacecraft generated spacer that can be enjoyed many times

  • Infinite options asking

A “Try Gon: Story of Space” is scheduled to be delivered at Windows / Mac / Linux (Steam, Epic Games Store). The demo version is also released, so it may be good to try once.

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