LOL: The theory of conspiracy created by the community that accuses a Riot employee

Some members of the community of League of Legends have accused a Riot Games employee to create patches that balance the game in such a way that their most played champions are systematically benefited and those who hate more receive Nerfs usually. A conspiracy that directly attacks the developer GalaxySmash , which has recently eliminated its social networks. Although the reason for this decision has not transcended, the truth is that attacks against him on Twitter have increased over the past few weeks.

The community attacks an employee of Riot Games


Accusations to Riot GalaxySmash come from afar, and focus on it being one of the known employees of the developer with greater rank within the game. Throughout the current season he He has played more than 400 qualifying games having reached the Challenger rank (is currently GrandMaster). A situation that makes him an authorized voice in the community since, although the company has ensured that the qualifying position does not matter to be a developer, many players are still valuing in a very positive way that the ‘Rioters’ reach the highest ranges of the classification.

Things became serious when a pyke Mid racked a ranked in which he had GalaxySmash as opponent and then figures as possible nerf in patch notes. The same happened this time with yasuo and yone , which are two of their most played champions and with whom it has good historical results that have not been replicated over the past few weeks. This situation and the fact that both have appeared as characters to improve the 12.7 of League of Legends has burst some members of the community that needed very little to return against them.

The controversy has already become quite serious. Although at the beginning everything seemed a joke, just three or four coincidences and statements in which he admitted that he suggested Pyke’s nerf were enough for many players to give that he was abusing his power as Riot Games employee Even if the NERF envisaged for the portriper of the ports never reached the game, Galaxysmash stayed with that sambenito hanging for many players. This created a new myth as false as the one that defends the company increases the power of the champions when it is going to launch a skin.

Beyond that some decisions of the next patch are questionable, the truth is that Galaxysmash has not raised any madness. When he suggested that the power of average Pyke had to be reduced during the 12th cycle, the champion was one of the most powerful of all League of Legends at MID Lane, accumulating a victory rate greater than 54%. Something similar happens with the upcoming changes to Yone and Yasuo, which are no more than compensation adjustments. An improvement that will only pretend to grant both characters part of the power that they lost with the Nerf to the immortal raincoes .

Despite this situation, the developer has continued to receive negative comments and even some professional players have joined a meme that has gone from the hands. Even if I really had put the possible adjustments on the table, the truth is that No Riot employee has so much power and even less if he is not in the heading position . Something that has not avoided criticism and that hinders League of Leagen’s transparency process. Not only is it an unfounded accusation, but it hurts the relationship between the community and developer discouraging that Riot Games employees openly speak of the decision-making process.

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