Village defense game “Reverse Defenders” April 12 Steam to the official release. Summon a pair of front and back pair units and exit monster while meditating

Libragames announced on April 5, “Reverse Defenders” officially released on April 12th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). The price is 1980 yen. The formal release version is significantly renewed around the visual surface, such as the overall graphic update.

“REVERSE DEFENDERS” is a tower defense game that places a unit and protects the village from the enemy. Attacking to the village is a dot picture monster corps such as slime and bald. Players are placed different units of classes and skills in the way that enemies will advance. We will destroy all enemies while strengthening the placement unit, and protect the village from monsters. In addition to the progress of the stage, you can also enjoy Sasha and Aria’s stories that enter the world of the game from a while.

The characteristic system of this work in the tower defense game is “reverse”. The reverse places two units in a pair of the same placement location and can be freely replaced. In addition to the enemies, unit switching can be performed, and the combination of pairs is also important, such as the ability to strengthen the ability by table and back combinations. Also, during battle, it is possible to switch between battle and meditation mode. During battle mode, you can attack the enemy and get a mana that enhances units instead of stopping the attack. These systems allow you to set up a minimal strength and earn a few manases, with a few manases, with these systems, and experience the thrilling strategy unique to this work.

In the formal release version, the overall graphic update has been achieved. A wide variety of characters are more cute, such as lamp attack hunters and range attacks. A “skin function” that allows you to select the desired look from three types of skins is also added. In addition, the attack effect seems to be renewed. Visuals have become rich, and builds by combination of different classes, skills, and items will be more enjoyable. In addition, detailed adjustments such as adding, correcting conversation content, and the improvement of the overall quality up and visibility when the English language is set.

Reverse Defenders / Full Release Trailer / Steam

Developing this work is the Libragames of domestic indie levepers. Representative NES has made production activities by individuals, and in the past, he has been working with Tower Defense Games such as “Legendary Mamorobi and Eight Defender’s”. About this work, we started early access delivery from last October. It seems to improve quality up over half a year, and it seems to be a secretary release. This work is a work that can be tasted when he captured when he captured is a bit higher and difficulty, while cute visual. I would like you to feel fluidly tasteful toxicity of tower defense, “one more” does not stop.

“REVERSE DEFENDERS” is scheduled to be officially released April 12 for STEAM.

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