Aim for “MLB THE SHOW 22” for too big play! If you are tired of baseball, please have a stadium architecture

Professional baseball opening on selected high school baseball. As there is also the word “Ball-spring arrival”, spring is the season of baseball, and it does not change in the game industry or both.

This time, it will deliver a play report for PLAYSTAION 5 / PlayStaion 4, which is released from April 5, which will be removed from the Major League.

# Package Otani Shohei is impressed!

Otani Shohei who decorates the package, one of the target points of this work. Sorry “two sword streams” players belonging to Los Angeles Angeles were launched as a player representing a major league. The voice says “Is it not the content of the game” is the most important thing that Japanese players will decorate the cover. I would like to be impressed.

If you enjoy the visuals of the people, to the game. The attraction of the “MLB The Show” series is to enjoy realistic graphics with intuitive operations. Since the game operation method and the difficulty level will be performed at the first startup, the first play of the series can be practiced here.

This work is full-handed English, but if you know the baseball rule, you can understand the extent that you just want to read the guide on the screen without reading characters. If there is no particular feeling, the initial operation is saved, and the “Dynamic Difficulty” is recommended for the difficulty level according to the play content.

Major League All 30 Ball players and stadium are faithfully reproduced, as well as people who are familiar with MLB, as well as unique capabilities and form players will appear as a single baseball game.

The existence of a 100 miles (160 km) straight ball, the relief of the super-transluctory investment method, the existence of the sluggher that beats to the stand without anyone else, is not familiar with the Major League, and it can be seen as soon as it is an American! am. There is also a good thing to find and see your favorite players in this game.

# How to play is not two swords!

The main mode of this work is

  • “Road to the Show” who runs through the star highway as a player

  • “Diamond Dynasty” fighting player card and fights with the original team

  • Play the room point and enjoy one season easily “March to October”

  • Operating the baseball team and fighting a pennant “Franchise”


Among the “Diamond Dynasty” and “Franchise” can not read English, it was a difficult impression that it was difficult to play honestly if it is not familiar with players, but conversely, two other two are custom elements and very easy I can enjoy it. “March to October” is a popular mode because you can enjoy the seasons and season in one day.

The players created with “Road to The Show” creating the original player can also be used in other modes, so the flow to enjoy another mode is also smooth, with the first mode that you create this mode. it might be.

It is the best when you win the game with your own activity, but at first it is difficult for the ability to be too high. But I’m glad when the team won even though I could not do anything. Team sports best! If this benefit is high, I hit a Bacuska home run, and I would like to return the team by guiding the world champion (※ MLB annual king).

Signing Record Deal With ASICS Baseball! MLB The Show 22 Road To The Show #2

The character of this work is the depth that can be customized to the details and can be customized, and you can play for hours. It is possible to adjust to the batting form’s “elbow tying of elbows” or “Heart shaking”, but if you don’t understand it, there are a lot of presets. Because the form does not affect the ability, it is also free to make it a hentaiform.

It is good to mass-produce home runs as a player with a blessed body type, and it is good to aim for a starp layer that suits his physical size. Of course, “drad to the show”, of course, “Two-Way Player”, that is, two sword streams can be selected. It is amazing that the game system is also changing by Otani players.

It is a main work with a lot of play only in the main 4 modes, but additionally appearing with friends from this work, “Online Co-OP” has appeared as a new element, which is cross-play, cross-save Can. Even beginners such as home-leaderby are also equipped with a moderator with waiwai, so it is also recommended to see for the first time inviting a baseball fellender.

If you think that “a little baseball is full of stomach”, how is the stadium architecture in your breath? In the “Stadium Creator”, which appeared from the previous work, you can freely place the hotel and buildings and mountains, and you can freely place the Bill and Yamaya, and create a greatest atmosphere stadium.

The best squid uniforms created by the completed stadium and edit can be used in normal mode. You can play and play each team’s players manually, so the roll play is also free to collect Japanese players and original players and aim at the league champion!

There are other legends that colors the history of sphere, and “Moments” to play a specific important one scene, and there is a practice mode, and it is finished in one way to play a major league. This time I played in the PS5 version, but it was also interesting that the controller ‘Haptic Feedback’ function was used when hit or caught. It is a function that tends to turn off when playing FPS etc., but I would like to enjoy it by all means.

“MLB The Show 22” that became an overwhelming volume due to all ways of playing the series works and new features. If you like “baseball lovers” regardless of Japan and the United States, there is no doubt that it can be enjoyed as a bullet with a sense of exhilarating, and if “I can read if English can be read”, you will be able to spend a fully holiday with only watching MLB. “I don’t know anything but I like customization elements” is a type of game that can be crazy.

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