“Metal Gear” The 35th anniversary fake site claims that the “MGS2 / 3” DL version was for resale. The author asks Konami “Dont complain”

The other day, fake “Metal Gear” 35th Anniversary site made a noise. Sites that are the same series of Konami Digital Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Konami) officials were identified as “not official” from the company. It seems that there was an intention to appeal to the resale request on the background of sophisticated fake sites.

“Metal Gear” work is an action game series that celebrates the 35th anniversary of this year. Increasing the MSX version “Metal Gear” in the 1987 release, we are advancing from the third “Metal Gear Solid” for the primary PLAYSTATION to 3D graphics. Currently, he has been loved as a masterpiece of Kojima Hideo, a creator led by Kojima Productions. At the 35th anniversary of the series, a site collected topics the other day. “Metal Gear Solid 35th Anniversary Site”. But this was a fake.

The site was first published with a simple content like a teaser site. At the top of the page there is a Konami logo, and the “!” Mark and the 35th anniversary character that symbolizes the series is almost all of the content. However, the design was hand-up, and the domain name is also a genuine character string with “MetalGear35th.com”, and the truly approaching make the attention of many fans gathered. However, on April 1, Konami commented that it was a fake site as a “not official site” (Game Watch).

And on the same day, a message to recognize that “fake” was recognized as a 35th anniversary site. In other words, the mysterious 35th Anniversary site was a lie of April Fool’s Day by the user. In addition, the fake site, with the same message release, is exposed to the production of selling the NFT of Hal Emelich, the “Metal Gear Solid” series.

According to the message on the fake site, the site seems to be made with the “Metal Gear Solid 2” and “Metal Gear Solid 3” remastered DL version resale where the DL version is currently sold. If the author tells Konami, “don’t complain”, if you have a budget that hires a lawyer, you want it to be used for redistribution of the above two works. The ownership of the domain is to give Konami for free.

The port DL version of “Metal Gear Solid 2” and “Metal Gear Solid 3” has been suspended since November 8, last year. Konami was a delay in the rights update of the material video used during the work (related articles). Although this measure was only temporary, about 5 months have passed since sales stop, no more than the resumption is stood. Also, all fake site links are all flexed to the official posting page that conveys this sales stop. One of the reasons for fake site release seems to have intended to seek improvement in the current situation.

And fake sites seem to be able to iron the NFT (non-fungible token / non-alternative token) project that Konami recently developed. NFT is a mechanism that issues the proof of ownership to digital data using block chain technology, and digital data issued ownership. Although NFT itself is just a technology, there is concern from the existence of environmental impact on operation and the existence of malicious operators who are looking at their speculative property. It is NFT that is easy to aim for doubts and anti-sense from the gamer community.

In the NFT sales project “Konami Memorial NFT”, which Konami actually develops, NFT of “Devil Castle Dracula” was sold as the first one (related articles). And fake site is a parody that reproduces this “Konami Memorial NFT” to detail.

On the other hand, it is possible to see a description that can be received with some sarcation at fake sites. For example, in Q & A section, the content of the question itself is attached to a real site, but its answer is quite off. “What is Konami Memorial NFT?” In the answer of questions, in the fake site version, “Customers will be essentially no worthwhile,” and the words to throw questions to the value of NFT. Also, “What is NFT?” The question “No, I don’t know” and throwing answers. Besides, a word is seen to deny the value of NFT everywhere, such as “Please enjoy expensive JPEG images”. There will be no doubt that the author has a negative view on the NFT and hence Konami’s NFT sales project.

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