Does Freiburg appeal? What the rules offer

FC Bayern played a few seconds on Saturday in Freiburg with twelve players. On the square, the bill of change was alleged little to the 4: 1 away win of the spreadsheet. Is there any nightplay?

This depends on the Freiburgern, which will have the opportunity to appeal to the day of Monday evening to appeal against the game status and to be active the DFB sports court. Theoretically, the sports club offer two claim basics.

Bavaria committed a rule violation “culpable”?

In paragraph 17, paragraph 4, the legal and rules of procedure of the DFB exists: If a team has culpably used a non-playful or applicant player, the match is lost with 0: 2 with an objection. Which influence of the “12th man” had on the play exit would be irrelevant.

Also conceivable would be an objection according to paragraph 17, paragraph 2 C: “Rule Violence of the referee.” Such a thing is obvious. But: The rule violation would have to have the game output “highly likely affected”. That seems relatively clear in the concrete case.

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So it was decisive: Bavaria began a rule violation “culpable”? The fact that FCB team manager Kathleen Krüger indicated the wrong number – Kingsley Coman did not feel as a player’s players not addressed and remained on the lawn – is clear in Munich’s responsibility. But: Despite unauthorized majority, is clearly a referee error.

The DFB football rule 3 holds tight: a change of resorts “enter the field exclusively on hand signals of the referee” and only when the substitute “has left the field”. A Freiburger objection would therefore hardly have chances of success, as the major debt is probably not at Bavaria, but in the arbitrator team around Christian Dingert.

2013 Duisburg renounced an objection in a similar case

When the third-league game between the MSV Duisburg and Borussia Dortmund II 2013 was the substitute BVB actor Jannik Bandowski longer and even stopped an MSV attack, the hosts still renounced an objection because Bandowski’s influence “not decisive ” has been. It remained at the 2: 1 away win of the BVB.

How eight and a half year later behave the Freiburg, will decide soon. The responsible persons want to comment on Monday.

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