La Legende de Tadayori Mythic Tale-Ghost of Tsushima

Fantôme de Tsushima has some mythical tales that you can explore to find excellent new objects. The legend of Tadayori will allow you to find the legendary Tadayori armor, a fierce warrior who protected Japan and a renowned sniper.

Tadayori armor will offer different benefits that enhance your capacity with an arc, and is an excellent choice for players who like remote combat.

Where to find the legend of the mythical story of Tadayori

The legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale is just south of the Bend Rustling in Izuhara. When you enter the area, a golden bird will take you to a musician in the woods. This is where the mythical tale begins.

the purple crown

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA - The Legend of Tadayori Map Location
The musician will tell you about Tadayori and send you to the search for the purple crown. This is illustrated on the map above. It’s very easy to find, like the violent crown on a hill covered with purple flowers. Climb on the hill and search the container to the sanctuary above.

Find the rest of Tadayori

The container will contain an image designed to give you an index on the next step. If you turn away from the container, you will see a large mountain in the distance, and you will have to go to the foot of this mountain. The exact location is indicated on the map above.

a duel with Kaeda

When you find the input of the tadayori rest by crawling through the hole in the cliff, examine the graves, then Kaeda will appear and challenge yourself in duel. She does not believe you are who you say you are and think you’re a thief. You will have to fight it, but it will give in before having to kill it. Kaeda is extremely fast, but this fight should be quite easy if you are patient.

Explore the Azamo Bay

For the next step, you will need to go to Azamo Bay, at the location indicated on the map above. Here you will find the musician and some Mongols. Take out the Mongols, then talk with the musician, and he will tell you to look for Tadayori’s armor under the sanctuary.

When you find it, you put it automatically, then you will have to defend the musician of the waves of Mongols. When the last enemy falls, the tale is finished and you have your new armor.

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