April Fools Day, the game is also surprised in the game.

[Awareness 24 Park Ye Jing] April 1 April 1 April Fool’s Day, followed by a surprise event for the user in the game industry.

According to the 2-day gaming industry, the Smile Gate RPG was released on YouTube on the 1st, “Roast Arc VR ‘April Fool’s image was released on YouTube. In the image exploring the roast arc world as a first-person VR, the video is written by the introduction of the new project of Rost Arc ‘on the “April 1, Rost Arc”. Users say, “April Fool’s Day image is so high,” and “I know that” april Fool’s Day is a video, “

Lost arc earlier, Lost Arc was aimed at April Fool’s Day fighting game ‘Rost Arc Fighters’ video, and collected topics.

In addition to this, Cacao Games’s large multi-level multi-adoption role is performed (MMORPG) ‘Odin: Balla Rising’ in April 1, from April 1 to April 3 (superto) events. We present one ‘April Fool’s Day compensation box’ to users who successfully enter the supernatant word ‘ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ ㅇ’. Users can receive a variety of compensation, including “11 Pseudo Boxes” through ‘April Fool’s Day Compensation Box’.

Line Games will proceed with Quanta Raid ‘Hand AD Land’ that the Art Director (AD) of the ex-source Heroes (AD) appears as a boss up to 14 days to meet April Fools on Mobile RPG ‘Exclamation Heroes’ on a day.

Quantumari can be achieved by organizing a dedicated hero and to defeat monsters and bosses, and a variety of compensation, including a monocular memorial festival ‘drop more Bitru’, including the Moon Fool’s Day Memorial Pate Core ‘drop more Bitru’. In addition, in the same period of time, a total of 10 Xinhua Tickets can be obtained, with 10 Xinhua Tickets, with 10 Xinhua Tickets, with 10 Xinhua Gifts.

Arcaea April Fool's day chart makes me dead

NCsoft opens the event ‘lies’ at Lineage 2m. On April 1, a special gift, such as ‘Lie Lucky Letter’, By 3 days, ‘Legend of Lady Legend of Laddy’ is simultaneously appearing on the ‘Gilan, Oren, Aden Village’ and purchases the treasures of Adena. Until 6 days, you can purchase various supplies from the Amy NPC in the Village in the Village in the Village in the Village.

The Nexon developed a new Karma of the PC Online Action Battle Games ‘Kurtzpel’, developed by Cogs (Representative Lee Jong-won), and will open the new Karma of Kurtzpel, and will open the events from April 1 to 14. During the event period, you can receive a surprise gifts, and you can specially transform the character.

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