April Fools 2022: Here are the best gaming and esports

If you look completely unbelieved this morning to your social media feeds, I would like to remind you that today is April Foole – the only day of the year everyone gives its best to be the onion. Nowadays, there are certainly some outrageous stories from the world of playing and eSports, so we have put together a practical list of help to help you find out what truth and fiction is.

Well, we can not promise that all these are certified blasts – there are always a few duller, right? – But we can promise a few laughs. Below you will find a selection of Funnies from Sega, Blizzard and G2 Esports, and if you are lucky, maybe even discover one or two stories from your favorite gaming publication in the World Wide Web: The PC Player 24.

So, from Kullerheugen to the horses among us, here are the best April Fool’s Gaming Gags of the Year 2022.

Sonic border

As a continuation of Sonics Blue Curry (yes, that was a real thing), Sega has “launched” a limited edition of Sonic Frontier, which is supplied with a high-quality bathtub, towel, a duck and more.

Sega has revealed the Limited Edition of Sonic Frontier

– high quality bathtub
– a silk towel
– a waterproof mega drive
– A Game Gear (can not be used in the water)
– a resignation: //t.co/dnj7jr45gl

(The April Foole has just started in Japan, nothing is real) pic.twitter.com/xfv4trempz

  • Nibel (@nibelion) 31. March 2022


Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez is nobody who can escape a good business opportunity, so say hello to G2go – a fast food chain with focus on E-Sport, which was developed to get the bitter taste of solo pending from your Mouth to take.

Read more about G2GO!, The first fast food chain of eSports. https://t.co/guneut7ftd

  • G2 Sports (@ g2esports) 30. March 2022

Horse mode among us

It is as if inner Sloth had looked at the beans in case guys and decided that his small room drivers are not curensive. Switch to Among US horse mode that extends your crew members. Just do not ask why you have such a long face, right?

???? Among us – horse mode ????

One year ago we asked “What if?” And now we can say, “Ha Ha Wait Oh No Stop.”

This free flesh mode is now available for just one day as part of our April Foole Celebration

We are not sorry pic.twitter.com/zuP4cjtul9

  • among us (@amongusgame) 1. April 2022

Eyes monitor

If you start Overwatch today, prepare yourself to be observed from all angles. Blizzard continued the joke of the bully eyes and beat them on every single character – including Hanzo’s dragon.

Case Guys Woooooo

The Twitter account of Case Guys was taken over by Well, whatever that is. However, the “Woo” refers to the sounds all blobboys when they race in the levels of the games, race and jump.

Woooooo Woooooo Wooo Woo ???? Woo Woo! Wooooo Woo Woo Woo Woo. Remove. Remove? Remove! pic.twitter.com/kqhkj5ytwd

  • ??????????????????????? Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo (@fallguysgame) 1. April 2022

Pubgs Monster Chicken Royale

Sure, you have ever won a chicken dinner in Pubg, but did you beat one? Now your chance is in this extremely bizarre, temporally limited mode.

The king of the monsters arrives at the battlefields! Kill the monster or become chicken food. pic.twitter.com/2k5uffu41e

  • PUBG: Battlegrounds (@Pubg) 1. April 2022

Warzones Totally Normal Br

As in this classic Oprah episode, everyone becomes a specialist in this new temporary mode. There is no falling damage, lots of loadouts and heaps of cash. In other words, it’s a recipe for a catastrophe.

Saints Row Made for Life Edition

The Saints Row Made for Life Edition brings you $ 100,000,000, but brings you some great bonuses that will help you to get into high life. These include a book business, a megayacht, tons of vehicles and even the position of the CEO of Vartion. Oh, but you should get better quickly, because only one is available.

Bigger, better, bolder.

Do you have the money? We have the hiding place, with the #Saintsrow made for the life edition. Pay to win in life and live like a saint at the top of your game for only $ 100,000.

Only one available – sign up for your interest: https://t.co/vueljx4unf pic.twitter.com/jageneriii

  • Saints Row (@saintsrow) 1. April 2022

New Blood delayed

New Blood Interactive speaks for all, if it is said that Elden Ring has swept away the team. So much that the studio has all his games up to 2023 “postponed”.

The world in which we live is uncertain.
The times we live are unprecedented.

That’s why we bring you this important message with a heavy load: pic.twitter.com/17xh1o8WBZ

  • New Blood Interactive (@newBlood) 1. April 2022

Guilty Gear Strive continuation

Move over Guilty Gear Strive, there is a new fighting game in the city: Guilty Bear.

A small part of us wants this to be true – ARC Systems even has set up a Twitter account for it!

The latest battle game of the next generation
“Guilty Bear” is published!

A combat system that puts quite on cuteness ⚔️

April Fool 2022 | April fool whatsapp status 2022 | 1st April | Fool Day Status | April Fool Pranks

Healing fancy sound ????
Overall, 20 characters take part in the war ???? ♪ https: //t.co/fvylqkmud# debtor Bear # April Foole pic.twitter.com/gfxd9k2Gyi

  • Guilty Gear official (@guiltygear_pr) 31. March 2022

Payday duel debuts

Overkill, who is currently working on Payday 3, has presented Payday Duel, a new competitive card game based on the patented “Creditable Art Relic Distribution” technology or Card technology.

Funeral plans from Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer loves the refrigerator of the Xbox Series X, OK? In our fully true report, he wants to be buried in it. But of course not before he was brought by a UNSC-Pelican to his own ceremony.

Phil Spencer wants to be buried in an Xbox refrigerator:

Read more: https://t.co/rnf3mchsfr#xbox pic.twitter.com/tifljpuah6

  • The PC player 24 (@Loadoutgg) 1. April 2022

The secret fourth level of PS Plus

Yes, the Xbox Game Pass Rivale sounds cool, but did you know that you can pay a bit more to delete an exclusive Xbox a year? Here is our report on Project Turkey Dinosaurs.

Sources: Sony will announce a secret fourth level for its revised PS plus, which is reserved for only die-hard playstation fans ????

Details: https://t.co/lnwopwlajk#pplus # PS5 #Playstation pic.twitter.com/ett78qkzpu

  • The PC player 24 (@Loadoutgg) 1. April 2022

These are all April Fools we have discovered so far, but we will update this post with other errors as soon as we discover you.

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