Hearthstone: Thats how you snatch your prime gaming

Blizzard has received a cooperation with Prime Gaming . For blizzard games fans, this means that you will receive additional ingame loots in games like Wow, Hearthstone and Overwatch via your Amazon Prime subscription. Below we show you how you snatch the Prime Goodies for Hearthst1. Every month expect new rewards. Hearthstone players receive legendary cards, three standard packages and a prime gaming expansion Celebration Pack until September.

Hearthstone rewards via Prime Gaming – How to

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1. Gets the Prime Gaming website and log in with your Amazon account (if not already done)
2. Scrolls down until your Hearthstone (Buy Now 0,00 €) have found
3. Click on the reward for this month
4. Click on “Visits Activision Blizzard” to link your Battle.net account with Prime Gaming
5. Allows the link
6. Click on “Full Redemotion”
7. Starts Hearthstone and looks which legendary card you got.

With just a few clicks, your accounts are linked and you will find more time next time. The reward is immediately available in the game and there is no delay. This promotion between Blizzard and Amazon Gaming runs until September 14, 2022 . Already on April 12, 2022, the new Hearthstone extension appears traveling to the sunken city .

A few of the packages of the new extension can be sacrificed by prime gaming in the coming months. Do you already have your goodies? Do you even have an Amazon prime subscription and if not, is the promotion with Blizzard a reason for a prime subscription? Write us in the comments.

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