Last Origin Illustration Unauthorized Point NFT Discovery, Legal Response

The fact that NFT is sold for unauthorized NFTs that unauthorized illustrations of RPG Lost Origin collected RPG Last Origin was reported. Smart Joe, a developer, suggests a legal response to that company.

Smart Joe said on 30 days, illustrated illustrations through official cafés, announcing the admission for NFT. As a result of the smart tank, the NFT is known to produce and sell with NFT, such as Pig BKK, which is a Bangkok branch corporation, a Bangkok branch corporation, a Bangkok branch corporation, a Last Origin Overseas Publisher Pig.

Last Origin: Week 22/03/21 Patch Quick Overview

As Pig BKK is in 2020, the employees are not currently comply with PIG, and NFT issues were also unauthorized without PIG and smart Joeys. On the other hand, the Smart Joey said, “About the person who stated the image unauthorized, the Line Games Legal Team was reviewed in the Line Games Legal Team, and was promised to prevent recurrence from Pig side.”

NFT uses block chain technology to grant a value that is not substituted to digital assets, and is a technique for granting the originality and ownership of the content. Unlike general files, it is safe in unauthorized replication, and it is possible to recognize scarcity, so various art or illustrations have been reproduced to NFT. However, it is important that the warranty of the seller proves that value, which can make the same quality NFT with the original file as the original itself is a copy of the file is available.

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