Halo Dev defends the revelation of the face of the Master Chief in Show

Perhaps to the surprise of the fans, the developer of Halo, 343 Industries, defended the choice to remove the Master Chief’s helmet into the new series. At the end of the first episode, the master chief takes off his helmet and shows his face a child. For those who have never played halo, this may not mean anything, but for fans it was enormous. Master Chief’s face has never been revealed before this, even though he takes off his helmet into the games. It is always hidden or only small details are shown, which guarantees that the identity of it is ambiguous. Many have used this as a way to submerge as Master Chief and project in the character, but the program, as a non-interactive communication medium, has gone in another direction.

In a new Long Blog EntranceThe administrator of the community of 343 Industries, Alex Wakeford, defended the controversial choice of removing the helmet to Master Chief in the aureola series. The developer pointed out that those who read some of the books and paid special attention to the games will know that Master Chief has taken off the helmet before. Although the games have always maintained the helmet placed from him, he is a character developed with voice and personality, which means that he is not a silent protagonist without a face. 343 Continues saying that he takes off his helmet to show the child that he is not just a killing machine, he is human and vulnerable.

Master chief finally reveals his face - Halo Tv series

“A moment like this is not a point of the plot or even an explicit ‘revelation’ of how it looks, but a means to tell the story of it,” Wakeford wrote. “It had to be a livestock and significant moment. This is also part of why it happens in the first episode: it is not a turn, it is a mission statement. “

343 Industries inherited the Halo series after Halo Reach, the last series of the series developed by the creator Bungie. Although part of the original Halo team still exists in 343, there are many key developers such as co-creator Marcus Lehto that have moved. It is unknown if all the original members of the team would agree or not with the choice to remove the helmet to Chief or the evaluation of 343.

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