Kuki Shinobu, Info and Release Date on PhysiShin Impact

In addition to Yelan, a new character is unveiled for the next update. Assistant Chef of the Adrust Clan, Kuki Shinobu has an expected exit for the patch 2.7 on genshin impact. Knowing the Divine Elecro Eye and fighting with a sword, it is a major support in groups where it fights.

All about Shinobu and his gameplay

Although she has joined the Adrieki clan late, Kuki Shinobu quickly imposed itself as essential for her proper functioning. Since his arrival, the clan has completely changed to become more efficient and influential. But it is mainly endowed with its sword, which it complements its control of the electro. She is able to heal her allies in difficulty by appealing to her donations.

If we do not yet know his skills, Kuki seems a skylight of sword in the Divine Electro eye. It would be used in particular for the latter to help its allies, be it with care or reinforcement.

Kuki Shinobu, banner and release date

Designed for patch 2.7, we do not know yet if Kuki Shinobu will be the headliner of this next patch. However, we should learn more in the coming weeks.

My Thoughts On Yelan & Kuki Shinobu Character Designs | Genshin Impact
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