The reason why the map is not increasing in “COD: Warzone” is “Installation Capacity” -The large hit of this work was unexpected for Activision

The interview with TEEP of the streamer reveals the reason why there is no map rotation such as “Apex Legends” and “PUBG” to “ Call of Duty War Zone “.

Leading “COD” Live Operations Josh Bridge says that there is no mapping rotation. Developers and users also want this feature, but the size of installation and reinstallation is “not tidal”. Currently, “War Zone” players are said to be most of the PS4 / Xbox ONE-generation users, and he says that he can continue to lose the player whenever you update and increase the capacity.

Currently, the Captured PC version has reduced capacity by optimization, but the installation requires 80GB stronger. Compared to other Batrois, “Apex Legends” is currently 80GB capacity, but rotates multiple maps. “PUBG” also rotates multiple maps, but capacity is 30GB. “Fort Night” is only one map, but the area changes frequently by update.

The big hit of “Waor Zone” is unexpected to Activision, and originally developed with “Call of Duty Modern Warfair” originally did not keep in mind with many years of development. Therefore, it is said that it has been created by an incomplete development line since then.

In addition, “Call of Duty War Zone” is scheduled to release new works made from zero, along with the new series of series to be released this year. He also mentioned the new work and felt that he said, “Not a simple thing like another Batrois”. As a game once renewed, these problems may be solved.

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