[Kim Tae-jins newtro] ICT, no lost 10 years repeating

It is five years ago. At that time, the Moon Jae-jin’s most demanding in the ICT industry is the “Lost Ten Year”.

He also changed the name of the parquet deport every time the government has changed, and the complaints that the function should be scattered, where the function should be scattered, and the complaints came here and there. It was complaint that the duration of time to waste time in administrative work was dismissed.

The President of the Roh Moo-hyun’s government official was a Broadcasting Committee, a Broadcasting Committee, a Broadcasting Committee, a vibrant Broadcasting Communication Committee, and on the Park Geun-hye’s government, this was divided into the Ministry of Creative and Science and Technology. Not only the name was changed, but the ICT administration feature was split into the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Advisory.

In Moon Jae-jin, the name of the Moon Jae-jae has changed only the name of the Science and Technology Information Corp. As the government has been in full, “Information and Communications” was restored in a dimension of “ICT Judge”, with no government organizational reorganization.

■ Government organizational reorganization, should be faithful to content

However, whenever the regime is changed, it is also possible to determine that the continuity and content of policy are more important than the surface area of ​​the government organization. It has been focused on preparing for a commentary digital era as a ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.

Industry experts have changed, “Every time the regime changes and government organizations change, they will take two years to adapt to the business, and it takes two years to adapt to the work,” It is necessary to replace the organization for the continuity of the policy ” And pointed out.

Although the Lee Myung Bak government, Park Geun-hye’s government launched, ‘regulatory reform and autonomic regulation’ appeared, In Moon Jae-jin, in the Moon Jae-jin, the scattered ICT feature was collected the 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital New Deal, and Negative Regulation was enforced through the ‘Regulatory Sandbox’ system. Buddha names have changed, but most of the policies of Park Geun-hye, and regulatory reforms were implemented.

After about 2 years after the 2019 regulatory sandbox, a total of 632 issues have been approved by a total of 632 empiries, and 129, which corresponds to 20% of these, has completed regulatory improvements through legislation revision. In addition, 361 cases of 632 were disclosed as services, we also attracted an investment of about 4,800 billion won.

It is impossible for the existing laws and institutions of Park, Geunhei. A typical thing is that the Mobile Driver’s License ‘system, which was difficult to introduce the existing road traffic law. It is to have a minimum survival device in the ICT ecosystem that competes with the village of village.

■ ICT Control Tower

However, it does not mean that there is no complaint in the ICT industry for the current government. A representative crab will eliminate a senior secretary that governs ICT policy in the Presidential Secretary, that is, the control tower. The Evaluation of the ‘Digital Innovation Secretary’ was dominated, but the evaluation was dominant that it was too late for the lowered phase.

Another one is that the President’s Direct 4 Area Revolutionary Committee has not been authorized to play a role in the Buddha Policy Adjuster. It is that it was difficult to exercise practical adjustment as the authority of the Public Hall Committee in the census of the partition.

It is because it comes out that it is necessary to have a company that will generate digital conversion and data in the future.

Industry experts said, “The winds of the industry to promote the exemption of the overparts to departure, are not easily prolonged in the Civil Joint Committee structure, which is currently the currently unreacted departmental relationship or administrative rights,” I was upgraded to the committee with the chairman, but it was in the Road and said,

It is also the same that the fourth desired data policy committee, which has been launched in July, which has been launched in July, has been in the same as the data special committee.

■ ICT, policy access to non-political standards

Starting to be a business report from each ministry, starting to discuss the reorganization of government organizations from April. It also has a field Task Force (TF) for government organizational reorganization, digital platform governments, and real estate.

In the ICT industry, it is expected that not only the division of the acquisition, as well as the government tissue reorganization, and the digital platform government TF, which will be discussed in the future. This is because the early days of the instrument felt an anxiety that the Lee Myung-bak government is similar to that of the presidents of the President of the Roh Moo-hyun.

At that time, I have been scattered by the ICT Buddha function as a variety of departments, and the ICT competitiveness of the Republic of Korea has been to crashed. You can also check with actual numbers. The ICT industry competitiveness announced by the World Economic Forum is ranked 11th, 2015, in 2015, and the GDP contribution of the ICT industry, Korea ICT industry announced in the ‘Digital Economy Outlook 2015’, ~ In 2013, it was slowed to 0.11% P. In addition, the ICT sector investment has also declined by 11% from GDP to 2001 to 2.1% in 2013.

On the other hand, in recent years, various international indicators ranking of digital conversion preparation is raised while concentrating policy capabilities based on the best ICT infrastructure, which is a source of K-defeat. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) preparation index was 7th in 26th in 26th in 2019, and the International Information Protection Index rose to fourth last year in 2019.

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“The current government has also been ruled through the impeachment, but has been operating in a way that we have not broken the ICT functions and policies that have been done in the existing government.” It was evaluated that it was a good result as “I have recently appeared in each indicator.”

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