K-traditional content contained guildwater 2 new expansion pack, Western

NCsoft has acquired North American Games Arena Net in 2002 and has been in North America and the European market, which has been in the MMORPG Guild Wars series. In August 2012, we launched Guild Wars 2, and we have launched the expansion pack, which has a different feature of each 10 years, and has been submitted. And on February 28 (local standards), we showed the third expansion pack ‘End of Dragons’.

This expansion pack core content is a new continent (Cantha) that includes four new maps. Canta continent was released for the first time in the second chapter of the previous Guild War, and is the first 200 years in Guild Wars. In Canta continent, users have a story that ‘Elder Dragon’ with mystical power, and finds a secret associated with the previous and continued a new journey.

However, when you look at the Canta continent, the scenery is not strange. From the building that puts tiled from the building to the calm lake, I feel Korean in the look of fishing and enjoying fishing. Here, OST also focused on ‘Meeting of the East Seochang’, and the Korean traditional Korean traditional traditional trade in the Western Orchestra. Percussion instruments such as bowel, north, 꽹, and gongs, as well as percissorous, pacific, single, flute, etc. Strong instruments such as gypsum, gypsum, geoles, frozen, In addition, the instruments used in Korean court music such as elderly, and yawa.

This is not the first time that NCsoft introduces a game that is a Korean element. Early, I have introduced Oriental Fantasy, a Korean element that has been introduced in 2012, and the new project E is currently being manufactured, attracted attention with buildings and costumes that reminiscent of Korea on the video released on the 17th. Here, North American Developer Arenet is also introducing Korean charm, which is a guild two new expansion packs.

Korean traditional culture has low awareness in the Western market, but the ‘Kingdom’, which was broadcasted in Netflix, and the attention to Korean traditional content in all over the world has risen sharply. In fact, most of which are more positive than the reaction that overseas evaluation on the new expansion pack is unfamiliar. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is ranked 83 experts at 83 views of overseas reviews, based on the 28th. “The End of Dragons,” said MMORPG.com, which is considered one of the most important game expertise, “End of Dragons contain all the advantages of the last expansion pack (the heart of the thorn, Pass of Fire). It is the perfect vertex of the last decade, the perfect vertex of the 2 series and is expected to go forward in some directions. “

Traditional Korean Games

This evaluation led to a practical performance. Arena Net said on the 22nd (local standard) official blog, and 2 users (active users) have increased double-thirds (active users), and the end of dragons have recorded higher sales volume than previous expansion packs. In addition, the year 2 sales in the year of last year were 21% higher than the previous year, I switched surplus.

Last year, Lineage and Performance declined 4% higher than the previous year, It seems that it will be achieved in the enthusiasm of NCsoft global global globalization since this year.

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