WWE 2K22: The WWE and 2K remain partners

Maybe you can still remember the youngest WWE rumors. It stood in the room that the WWE may change to a new game partner. According to old reports, WWE should have been frustrated with her presence in the video game industry and did not look so enthusiastically into the future. It even went so far that they allegedly have already led conversations with EA Games.

These rumors set 2K and WWE now a finishing-Move, because two 2K ​​employees have shared a picture from the WWE office to create all speculation from the world. Ronnie Singh, the Digital Director of 2K-Sports, better known as Ronnie2k, tweeted the following message from the WWE headquarters with Stephanie Mahon:

“The two biggest bosses in business sit in the @ WWE-Bossuhl. Very seriously, it was a pleasure to meet a person who has been admirable for their presence, their business sense and their philanthropy for their presence, their sense of business and their philanthropy
Concing with many other @ Wathames starts. “

WWE 2K22 2K Headquarters Promo!!
The WWE 2K22 account posted a picture with several employees on the way to the headquarters and wrote:

“Shoutout on @whwe and @stephmcmahon for the continued partnership and a fantastic start of # WWE2K22. On many more successful years! #Ithits different. “

Thus, 2k and the WWE continue to be partners and will probably create many more games. For this, WWE 2K22 has already received some updates and is well received by the players.

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