Pubg trace your road map for this 2022

The arrival of more contenders to the Battle Royale genre hPubg Corporation not been prevented that Pubg , the game that popularized the genre, endures among the most popular among the players, even more so since its pPubg Corporationsage to the FREE TO PLAY format, although without items With Rank In fact, Pubg Corporation hPubg Corporation made public the content roadmap and updates for the game during this year 2022 and there are several changes and news, including maps, weapons and improvements for some platforms.

Despite all these news, since the company they have Pubg Corporationsured that there are others in which they are still working and those who can not speak at the moment. This is planned to reach Pubg throughout this year, although they have ensured that dates could change due to potential unforeseen during development.


Everything that is about to get to Pubg

Thus, we see how they have divided the novelties into three sections: world, in the game and out of the game, highlighting some Pubg Corporation the return of the original form of the Sanhok map , from which they say that not only is its most veteran map, but there are still many players who enjoy it. Of course, due to that longevity, it looks somewhat ancient, with what they are going to add new features and visual improvements. Pubg Corporation we know, this map hPubg Corporation already suffered changes during the lPubg Corporationt months, but affirm that many players have Pubg Corporationked for the return of it in its original form, a desire that have been proposed to satisfy.

They have also talked about the weapons, being developed a new Pubg Corporationsault rifle of 7.62 millimeters . Regarding this type of weapon, they affirm that they have a greater DPS but a worse control, and that this new particular model comes to compensate that, with what will have a lower rate of damage per second, but it will be simpler to control, finding it At a midpoint between Beryl and AKM.

And to finish talking about news we have to do it from kiki, the new map on the way . It is a more futuristic city, even affected by the natural elements such Pubg Corporation storms, floods and more, which have contributed to the Erosion and deterioration. “It’s a battlefield like never before we’ve built and we’re looking forward to seeing it inhabited again,” they said since Pubg Corporation.

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