It is a thing that lucks to the extremely cold earth-delivery started for the survival horror FPS “Expedition Zero” PC

Publisher TinyBuild has released a Survival Horror Game “ Expedition Zero ” for PCs at Steam / Epic Games Store /

This work is a survival game that explores the Siberian stage, rotten forests and ruins. Players aim to escape while dealing with the extreme environment, in addition to monsters dazzling in the forest. Under the game, upgrades that help survival such as device and module craft and break point installation are available.

Grueling Winter Survival | Expedition Zero Gameplay | First Look

In addition, lonch trailers are also released in the release of this work. In the focusing of the first tension, it is focusing on the story wrapped in the mystery as well as the horror element.

“Expedition Zero” is delivered for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / (Japanese support). In each store, 10% off sale is carried out until April 1st.

※ Update (2022/3/25 15:07): The demo version mentioned in the text was confirmed that it was scheduled to be delivered today, and the relevant description has been fixed. Thank you for pointing out with comments.

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