EA Play delayed due to manifestations of police brutality

How US police have responded with violence to protests against police brutality

Recent American protests against police brutality have forced to delay its next showcase of EA PLAY from June 11 to 18, according to an official release from Friday. “With important conversations that take place and important voices are heard in the world right now, we move our time to meet in the game,” says the statement. The showcase of EA video games will now be held on June 18 at 4:00 pm at 19:00 am EDT and will be broadcast due to the current coronavirus pandemic. EA has not yet given details about what they plan to reveal later this month, but smart money is on new trailers for the new FIFA and Madden games. It is also possible that the Star Wars game “Project Maverick” disclosed is revealed. What do you think of the delay? Has he made the right call? Express yourself in the comments section under the article. Look to

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