Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, how to ride the level quickly

Level up in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is important to avoid being blocked during quests. Find out how quickly gain experience and advance your character.

Promote secondary quests with wild fights

During your exploration, you will regularly cross hostile creatures that will support you. We advise you to avoid looking for the confrontation without interest to any particular quest.

It may sound against intuitive but do not hesitate to darken through your opponents to get to your quest location. It is easy enough to ignore their damage thanks to your sprint, slides and shield points.

Speaking of secondary quests, they are numerous and allow you to make a stone two shots.

Great sources of experience in themselves you will surely to validate them engage the fights against the monster groups ignored previously.

Some secondary quests are obligatory to advance in the main.

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kill monsters during dialogs to level up

The big negative point of the quests is mainly related to their sometimes very (very) long dialogues. Our goal is to mount as quickly as possible level and in this sense, do not hesitate to equip snipers to kill monsters the time of the dialogs.

In addition and in order to be the most effective, do not immediately take the quests present in the village of the Sabot-Ardent. It is easy to get lost to identify what are the quests related to a specific place. To be sure to be in the right place, take and perform the quests at the entrance to each zone.

Farmer the aggression fights in the tall grass

If you want to gain experience by fighting without respite, you can trigger clashes in the map passing in the tall grass. Dungeons are also interesting thanks to their double fighting.

Do not forget to return to town Sell your booty, this method of XP although less effective than quests is a very beautiful source of money.

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Several techniques are listed and an optimization guide for managing your inventory.

Other techniques for leveling in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands came out very recently, we will maintain this article regularly. New techniques will be listed here. Besides, if you want to propose us do not hesitate via the Comment section.

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