Netflix: Wide the gaming

According to the New York Times, Netflix has bought another studio. This time you have taken over the mobile developer BOSS Fight Entertainment. The company has 130 employees and is located in all, Texas. They are known mainly for the game Dungeon Boss, which was published in 2015 for iOS and Android. 2021 followed with Myvegas Bingo a “gambling app”. The studio can quite rely on a certain know-how, so are veterans among the staff who already played at Games like Halo Wars, Age of Empires or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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The purchase amount is kept under Netflix. Boss Fight Entertainment is already the third developer who was bought by Netflix. Only at the beginning of this month they bought Next Games specializing in mobile games and have already developed in the past games based on popular Netflix IPs, such as Stranger Things. In September 2021, Netflix bought the Oxenfree developers Night School. All these acquisitions serve Netflix ‘long-term plan to expand influence in the entertainment industry and establish a gaming service. Currently, this service named Netflix Games can be used with the regular Netflix subscription without additional costs.

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