Bloodborne Kart announced by PSX developer

Those who seek transmitted by blood 2 may feel disappointed to know that fromSoftware probably is not working in a sequel, but a fan is doing something more in the form of Kart transmitted by blood. Since fromSoftware has not done anything with the Title of Souls since the launch of the first game in 2015, fans have been left to leave their own brand on the IP. In January, the Lilith Walther developer launched a “Remake” of Bloodborne in the style of a PSX game. The fan of the fans was well received and something that fans were pleasing to a great extent. The warm welcome has motivated Walther to make a new project.

Walther has announced Kart transmitted by blood, a new game made by fanatics based on an old joke of the day of the innocents. The game takes the basis of the Transmitted by the blood_make and applies it to a KART game. The brief trailer serves as nothing more than something to excite people, stating that it will be launched when it is ready. The trailer also shows the character hunter of _Transmitted by blood accelerating some type of motorcycle as well. The trailer also presents music that borders the classic. Transmitted by blood and a Kart Racer in the style of Nintendo. Of course, the details are scarce for the project, but it is very likely that it is a free game that is launch on PC as the original claim. This fans project only demonstrates how much effort they are making some to keep the beloved Souls of fromSoftware alive in some way. Although it is a fairly random combination of genres, Kart transmitted by blood The ridiculous concept has enthusiastic fanatics and will surely cause a great stir when it is launch.

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Kart Racing Gameplay WIP (April Fools)
After the success of anillo of Elden maybe fromSoftware is more willing to resurrect transmitted by blood. The exclusive PlayStation 2015 is loved by many, it seems likely that a sequel or remaster only continues to work well with fromSoftware being a much more conventional developer now. The developer has confirmed that he will continue to expand anillo de Elden with possible sequelae and maybe even books or movies.

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