Sony grants the post-Gran Turismo 7 release problems: players will be offered a credit of a million credits

Gran Turismo 7 was released on March 4, 2022. Technical problems have been spilled by sparkling and players will be offered a refund for both free records and automotive sales opportunities.

New Update RUINED Gran Turismo 7! This NEEDS to get FIXED! | KuruHS

The most recent output of a popular car gaming series has been figuratively driving on driftways in the solarized and keeper knife. At worst, the online side has been completely disabled, preventing the gaming pad, and the technical problems have been everyday. I recently reporting the game on the arrival of the online side of the permanent top of the game was justified by, among other things, preventing scam opportunities, but now the solution kicks the game to your ankle.

After a semi-milled apology, the game factors have decided to share the gamblers of a million credits and the opportunity to sell the vehicles in their possession.

The next correction update is designed to arrive at the beginning of April. The update adds, among other things, the number of prizes received, a larger wallet for players’ credits and dense incidence of events.

Read Tero Life Written by a game rating, with a novelty knife with rope 4 stars.

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