How to get married in RUNE Factory 5

One of the biggest advantages of many farming simulators, such as RUNE Factory 5, is the ability to marry. There are only twelve of different characters, each with its goals and unique personalities. However, get married – a difficult task, and you will need to fulfill some requirements before unlocking this feature.

How to unlock marriage in RUNE Factory 5

There are quite a lot of tasks that you must fulfill before getting married.

  • Meet all citizens, including those whom you have to save and meet on the plot of the game.
  • Get a character to ten hearts .
  • Ask the character Date You.

How to have children in Rune Factory 5
* See all three plot events character, and then complete them final event .
* Buy Double bed .
* Make Wedding Ring And give it to the selected partner.

Fortunately, you can meet several characters to see your storyline events, and marriage partners are not tied to the floor. For the most part, the marriage will not become an option until you immerse yourself in the history of the game. If you want to have children then wait even longer.

Spend time to learn everything twelve candidates While you pass the game. For the most part, the marriage is considered the ultimate goal in RUNE FACTORY 5.

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