Steam Newcomer: Knuddel

A newly released game on Steam was made to make your heart melt. In life simulation, you have to record dogs and cats and find a new home for you. The players could not be happier with it.

Animal Shelter - Official Release Trailer | STEAM

Steam topseller lets you care for dogs and cats

On Steam there is now the perfect game for animal lovers. In Animal Shelter she opens a shelter and Take cats and dogs who need a new home. Your main task is to make the four-legged friends happy. But you can play with them and of course you also hug.

The cute life simulation is currently one of the most successful games on Steam. In the Topseller list it is on the sixth place . Steam, however, also takes into account gaming hardware such as the Steam Deck or the Valve Index VR kit. The only real games standing in front of Animal Shelter are a DLC for the racing game Assetto Corsa Competizione and of course the Platzhirsch Elden Ring. (Source: Steam Topseller) If you want to know if the work in the shelter is something for you, you can watch the release trailer here.

What is in the shelter simulation on Steam?

There is a lot to do in a shelter. While the animals are waiting to be adopted, you have to feed you , cultivate and play with them . Dogs and cats also need spout and a lot of love. In the tree module you can also expand the shelter to new buildings, with details such as the distance of the sockets are important. Ultimately, however, you have to separate yourself from your four-legged friends and associate with a suitable rule.

Animal Shelter is already very good at the Steam community. Although there are few reviews that will be very positive. Overall, 92 percent of the user reports of life simulation give a thumbs up. (Source: Animal Shelter on Steam)

Also in the Sims 4 you can become owner of cuddly dogs and cats:

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