Julian Weigl wants option for the World Cup

Julian Weigl is back in the DFB-eleven after five years – and sees himself athletic as human “matured”.

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Julian Weigl is a profiteer of the pandemic. In the streets of his adopted home Lisbon, reports the Benfica professional with a smile, “the mask benefits me”. If he wears her, “sunglasses and Käppi,” he could move in a reasonably free in the football-crazy Portuguese capital – otherwise not.

Weigl is a real star in Lisbon, and he played again in the field of view of the national trainer. Hansi Flick has brought the former Dortmund after five years DFB pause for the start to the World Cup year in the national team. Weigl is intended to keep the competition on the six and recommend as a backup for Joshua Kimmich.

The step abroad 2020 and the birth of his daughter a year ago made him “mature and adult”, he said – not just in the square. Physically, the fine technician has also born: “I have kilos spoken and tries to be more aggressive in the duel.” He sees his strengths as a “clear six under construction”.

As a flick on his teammate Soualiho’s birthday party, “I could not believe it first,” said the five-time national player about his surprising comeback. Then he rang immediately with his wife and family, “The phone calls were emotional”.

He wants to flick “show that he can leave me at any time and I can be an option for the World Cup squad”. These were, like Benfica, who led Weigl to the quarterfinals of the Champions League against the FC Liverpool, “not afraid” and as “magnet”, the balls “to demand and play”.

He knows himself that he could become a goal-friendly. “If I do a goal, I always look so surprised and scream out everything,” he said, laughing, “because I never expect it.”

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