How to marry Rakeker in RUNE Factory 5

Riker is one of the first characters you will meet in Rune Factory 5. This is a mysterious boy who spends most of the day for assembling furniture. Because of his mysterious personality, many players want to marry him.

how to increase the hearts of the Raker

Rakeker can be found at Palm Studio within day where it helps on sale furniture. Talking with him every day, as well as providing him a gift, will help raise the level of friendship. You will also want to make him a gift for extra points on his birthday, which is winter 27 .

Favorite item C:

  • Popcorn
  • Sweet potato
  • French fries

Not like items:

  • Rice curry
  • Curry Manju
  • Curry Bread

8 Ways to Increase Friendship + How to get Married in Rune Factory 5
Riker is not too complicated in the turns of the favorites, since all its items can be obtained through Agriculture as well Cooking . As soon as you are in Heart level, 7 Use By the way Menu Admitted in Raire . You can meet with several characters at the same time, but marry only one.

The marriage option will be available after you perform the following tasks:

  • Completed Three Normal Raicker Events, Pink icon The icon will appear on their map, notifying you about each event.
  • Completed final plot event.
  • Meet each in the city.
  • Unlocked and made Wedding Ring .
  • Have it in Ten Hearts .
  • Have Double bed .

As soon as you do all these requirements, you can make the raiker offer and marry him.

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