Fortnite: The Battle Royale returns to reborn after eliminating the mechanics that differentiated it from the rest

The new Fortnite season has not sounded as much as others due to the lack of a gigantic show that we are accustomed. However, the gameplay has changed completely according to what we were accustomed because they have cut from root The main mechanics that made the game unique: Constructions . Because we are honest, if there were not many people playing compared to now it was basically by all the work that had to be done to be able to build optimally.

Many of us believed professionals making a wooden bucket, but the reality was that to be a good player we had to be exceptionally good with the way we placed the ramps and the speed with which we built our bases for Be able to burst our rivals.

Fortnite REMOVED Building in Season 2! (Everything You Need To Know)
And the truth is that the main key have won so many adepts since the beginning of the season has been the same as it made them unique . Because if we remove the factor of having to “lose” your time knowing how to build instead of hitting shots like crazy, fun increases with far and especially when we are with friends. If we add the new additions such as the multitude of weapons, the addition of vehicles, the arrival of tanks or the expected sliding or dash, we have a formula that can only mean a victory.

You also have to highlight the huge system of Marketing that has Fortnite behind, with the addition of aspects that call a lot of attention and that make the game many times surreal . Because he imagines being in a squad with Jinx, Dr. Strange, Kratos and Naruto fighting against Spiderman, Rick Sánchez, Grefg and Neymar. This is possibly the closest thing than the metaverse we have at present, with innumerable missions within the map itself and NPCS with which to speak.

Hopefully Epic Games think in this mode and we can enjoy a mode without constructions permanently , since once you try can not stop playing. All players and players agree that they have returned to feel that hook that had the game in their beginnings and implore the American giant to leave this type of item forever.

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