Apex Legends Character Lark – Heres Who at the Apex

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular and unique free shooter games – and that means there is always new leaks that you can talk about. With the incredible occupation of characters of Respawn Entertainment, which the fans enthusiastically excited like the refined gameplay, there is always gauge in the community gauge about the latest APEX Legend’s character leaks and how they will affect the meta.

Normally, detailed information about the leaked characters of Apex Legends are difficult to get – especially a complete breakdown of the kit of a leaked legend. A recent flood of screenshots and convened information, however, means that we now see each other again APEX Legends character lobes as ever before. So many that we are currently having information about the next nine legends that could join the Battle Royale game.


Before we go into detail, it is important to remember that leaks are not always accurate – so take everything down with a pinch of salt. Apart from that, many of the latest information about the leaked legends of Apex Legends are exciting and could mean great things for the future of the game.

APEX Legends character leaks

It’s time to enter. Here’s all we know The latest apex legend character is leaked :

  • Newcastle
  • Up connection
  • Advantage
  • Catalyst
  • phantom
  • fool
  • caliber
  • Seer

The following leaks can be found on the apexuncovered-subreddit here.

Newcastle – Mobile defender

Newcastle is at the moment the most conspicuous-looking Apex Legends character and with three shield-based skills you will provide enormous amounts of additional shielding and could work well with legends that require a little protection.

  • Passive – get the wounded back
    • Drag defeated allies while you resolve you, and protect you with your resuscitation sign.
  • Tactical – Mobile shield
    • Throw a controllable drone that produces a moving energy booth.
  • Ultimate – castle wall
    • Jump and suggest a destination ally or area and create a fortified fortress.

All coming legends and their skills of apexed

uplink – satellite scatter

If these leaks are correct, uplink could be another fantastic supportive legend and a welcome complement to the squad of apex legends. Her skills are about regenerating shields and revive allies – with an ultimate ability to give temporary immortality.

  • Passive – Network Communication
    • Win 25% of the recovery effects used in signal range.
  • Tactical – shield satellite
    • Release a satellite that follows allies to regenerate and revive their shields.
  • Ultimate – immortality relay beacon
    • Installable satellite signal, which prevents allies from being depressed in the signal range.

Vantage – survival artist sniper

Vantage is another leaked Apex Legends character that wants to shake up the current meta by exploiting the advantages of great range encounters with a kit that can get important information about enemies from afar. You can also offer a decisive damage impact, which could make a difference in a fire battle.

  • Passive – Sniper Kit
    • Tactical information is available in ADS unarmed or available in any high-range rifles. (Name of the legend, rarity of the sign, team size, range)
  • Tactical – Echo-Start
    • Start in the direction of your winged companion ECHO. Order echo by typing on Q. Start Echo by holding down Q.
  • Ultimate – Mark to kill
    • A custom rifle scanning enemies and increases the damage for Vantage and your squad. The damage doubles for vantage with successive shots. Team receives 15% bonus on labeled goals.

Catalyst – Creative Builder

This possible upcoming APEX Legend’s character will use an unusual ferrofluid to create new structures in the heat of the battle. You can also enhance the placement devices of other legends. So if you rely on Rampart’s Shiela or a Wattson pylon, you could be a fantastic enrichment for your team.

  • Passively – reinforce
    • If you are close to your ferrofluid structures, doors and other legendary items, your integrity will be strengthened and you can significantly suffer more damage.
  • Tactical – Ferro shot
    • When impact, the shot generates a hardened ferrofluid ramp that can be extended with other shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls. (Max 3 structures).
  • Ultimate – iron tower
    • Ferrofluid rises from below and pushes upwards while creating a high solid column among them.

phantom – agile assassin

The Kit of Phantom may not look like this as if Apex Legends would add new features, but that does not mean that it is not one of the more exciting perforated characters out there. With double jump and Enterhaken you should definitely meet your subtitle “Agile Assassine”.

  • Passive – double jump
    • By pressing the jump button in the air you can jump again.
  • Tactical – Hookshot
    • Hook on a wall and hang up for a short time.
  • Ultimate – empty grenade
    • A grenade that sends played players to the emptiness for a short time.

Jester – tricky trapper

Jester is a leaked Apex Legends figure that sounds like fun while playing. Jester’s equipment that appears with a splinter grenade in hand could easily change the leaf of a fight and would be a fantastic new legend for the squad.

  • Passive – re-wire
    • Jester can transform any grenade into an approximation mine adhering to surfaces. Press B to toggle between the modes. Spawne with a splitter grenade.
  • Tactical – SpectRe Drop
    • Call a landing capsule with 3 ghosts to guard an area. Only 1 sentence can be active.
  • Ultimate – Tarnfeld
    • Creates a short-lived camouflage device that hides all players in a small area. The camouflage stops at 6 seconds after the camouflage field has been left.

caliber – apex arms dealer

If you are looking for a new offensive support legend, Calibre sounds as if you could be the perfect character for you. With their equipment, everything revolves to inflow accidents damage, and they could be a fantastic supplement for the growing list of Apex Legends.

  • Passive – weapon sheathing
    • A sling where you can keep a third weapon. Access via inventory or H.
  • Tactical – Sound outer tower
    • Set a temporary tower from a copy of your active weapon.
  • Ultimate – Autoloader
    • Set a box that fits in ammunition directly into the current weapons of players nearby.


SCRryer is one of the most interesting legends in the latest set of APEX Legend’s character leaks. They have a passive ability that is only useful when they are dead – but do not count them in a fight. SCRryer will be a legend to look for.

  • Passive – viewer
    • Follow and observe your murder automatically optically.
  • Tactical – Optics-Hount
    • Parasite trap, which reveals the vision of the target.
  • Ultimate – Shadow wall
    • Unletter a crawling wall of darkness that blocks the view and dazzle enemies.

Conduit – Empathic Protector

Conduit is another shield-based character that is leaked for Apex Legends. For her kit, however, it is about strengthening the shields of their allies and to escape the shields of their enemies. Paired with a legend that can build barriers, you could be a fantastic supplement for your team – if the leaks are correct.

  • Passive – capacity
    • Conduit regenerates the shield over time. Receive additional regeneration for every ally nearby. Friendly banners, also offers a bonus – bring them back to fight!
  • Tactical – arc
    • Heals the shields of an ally (at the expense of some of your shields). To be aimed at firing to fire.
  • Ultimate – AC
    • Conduit fires a stray bomb and damages the shields of people near the explosions. Heals Conduits Shield based on the damage caused.

Well, these are all APEX Legends character leaks, from whom we know at the moment – if that’s true, there are some exciting characters that you can look forward to in the future. Will one of them emphasize our ranking of Apex Legends? Only the time will show it, but it looks promising.

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