How to improve tools in RUNE Factory 5

If you have ever played a farm simulator, you know that you need to update your tools. However, RUNE Factory 5 is not a standard simulator of life, so the approach to business is slightly different. In fact, you will need to go through several small hoops before you can upgrade any tools.

You will need a forge, a blacksmithing license and materials necessary for the manufacture of the desired tools. You can get License from Eliza In exchange on Seed-glasses , and a fake test is easy to go without searching for answers. As soon as the test is completed, go to see palm And also Buy Your first forge.

You will need to collect materials necessary for each recipe to make it. Rune glasses necessary for the manufacture of each subject will be different, but if you found a recipe, you do not have to use as much. You can have Bread to learn new recipes And you have to give a few starting bread at the beginning of the game.

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You can collect materials for the manufacture of items from dungeons . Be sure to look at the cost of the manufacture of the tool before going to collect items.

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