Comparison: Rune Factory 5 and Story of Seasons

Rune Factory 5 is Undeniably The BEST in the Series!
RUNE Factory and Story of Seasons – related series created by the same developer. The game, although it looks like, has several strikingly different functions that will probably make or break games for some players. RUNE FACTORY 5 is a role-playing game, and Story of Seasons is rather a game simulator.

Differences between Rune Factory 5 and Story of Seasons

RUNE FACTORY 5 – it’s rather RPG. This there is skills, system levels and main plot. While some games of Story of Season focus on history, it usually moves to the background. The Rune Factory 5 also has battle as well as dungeons What is not in the game of Story of Seasons.

Looking back, Story of Seasons is a slow pace. Relaxing Couples that does not pushes you to any goals. RUNE Factory 5 is much loaded, and even update your tools A much more complex process than in Story of Seasons. You will also find that you are using monsters on your farm instead of animals in RUNE Factory 5, and some of your farming is performed on the backs dragons .

What is common with RUNE Factory 5 and Story of Seasons?

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of differences between them, they have a lot of total:

  • System of friendship, dates and marriage.
  • Agriculture, fishing and resource collection.
  • Game time and schedule systems.
  • Expansion of the house and children.

Despite the fact that the genre can distinguish this pair from each other, they have a lot of general main elements that, as a rule, are like players.

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